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This year is the 12th Anniversary of the Greatest Ever Heavy Rock Concert to be  held in New Zealand. In 2008 we produced a two day festival at Westpac Stadium Wellington which headlined KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Lordi, Poison and Whitesnake. This was ROCK2WGTN
Special Effects came from WETA Studios (LOTR) Over 52,000 people attended!
We are celebrating this event by releasing never before seen video footage featuring the various artists, the people, facts and myths. .

Alice Cooper - Day One - March 22, 2008

Alice Cooper

Whitesnake - Day Two - March 23, 2008


Capital C: Concerts
"Post Covid-19 in New Zealand"

Entertaining New Zealand after the quarantine ends.
It was and is no secret that once the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the world went into varying degrees of lockdown, that the sport, recreation and entertainment sectors would be the first on the chopping block and by definition and likelihood will be the last to get back to any sort of normality. 
So, what will post-virus look like? What and how will the leisure industries and tourism return to doing what they have always done ....... make us happy, feel good, enjoy the company of others and feel free to do all of those things isolation has stripped us of. Will we fundamentally change habits of a lifetime?  
First let’s start with key facts and logical probabilities. 

• Under stage 4 restrictions any gathering for sport, entertainment and recreation is banned.
• Any unnecessary travel is out as well. 
• Hospitality, tourism, both international and domestic has halted and events, conferences and organisational gatherings stopped. 
• Home based pastimes and habits have been revived, online entertainment, television and traditional ‘board’ games have all increased exponentially.  
• Creative pastimes and novel activities have become very popular, with many being shared online. 
• Many industries both large and small in the related sectors have stopped trading. Many will never reopen, and others will need to either start from scratch with new methodology and inventiveness or strategize carefully to return to previous positions. 
• Manpower, financing, supply and operational contingencies will all need careful management with the big unknows of public reaction and demand immeasurable. 
• When will it be over? While New Zealand will positively get back on its feet sooner rather than later, when will the alerts ease back to allow events, public gatherings and domestic travel be allowed? And even is we are domestically OK when will we be able to connect with the rest of the world and will this be slow and progressive, country by country? 

• Once the restrictions are over a new set of issues will arise based on the premise that everyone will want to get out of the cabin-fever world they have been living in and start physically connection with family, friends, workmates and the community in general. They will want to go place both locally and nationally to events like sports events, concerts both community and commercial, public facilities like museums and libraries, the list goes on; and here in lies a new set of probabilities. Commercial entertainment and hospitality providers will all want to push their activities simultaneously, so will transport and accommodation providers, professional sport will want to start new crowd-drawing events as will councils with community festivals etc. This avalanche will push large numbers of people onto NZ roads which will create a huge problem, suppliers like venues and technical/equipment providers will not be able to satisfy the overwhelming demand, public transport, domestic air travel will too get flooded. In short everyone with the best of intent will want to do their ting at the same time. And there is the economic impact where the need to kick-start a lifestyle will quickly exhaust the leisure dollar expenditure for those who can afford it and create resentment for who are living on the edge.

There are a number of other side effects, but you are probably getting the idea of what I am trying to express and indicate.

What do we or should we do?

Government needs to set up a group comprising of promoters, sports management, venue and related industry suppliers, arts and sports organisation representatives and local body representation plus representatives from hospitality, accommodation and transport providers who can assess the post Covid-19 world from a ‘lifestyle’ perspective.

A strategic plan to create major regional events that can be programmed and delivered so they don’t overlap, stretch resources, provide work for all groups for performing arts to jockeys, from broadcasters to rugby players etc and lift the morale and spirit of the whole population will, if correctly established ease New Zealand back into a normality without panic.

This is a bridging strategy for a given period to fairly control all the above mentioned codes and business until the global position stabilises and international offerings are returned.

Phil Sprey: Capital C: Concerts (NZ)

Capital C: Concerts Update

In light of the current situation globally with the COVID19 Virus situation, we have suspended all our upcoming events. With both government mass gathering restrictions and artists, venues and agents/industry connections also in a wait and see position added with a solid helping of common sense the unknown short term calendar has been curtailed until such time as worldwide event have been negated and restored to a new reality. We are sure, as in the past, we will all get through this period and wish our patrons and friends all the very best and good health in the interim.


New Zealand’s Largest Domestically based concert promoting company.
Established in the early 1990’s, Capital C: Concerts has been a powerhouse for events and entertainment in New Zealand. Unlike traditional promoters, the company has marketed and produced nearly every genre of sport, recreation and entertainment. Our unique approach makes us distinctly 'different'. The focus is always to provide quality, diverse and profitable productions using an armoury of business relationships. While other promoters have come and gone, Capital C: Concerts is one of only a small number of companies left in NZ who are constantly bringing the best to the country. And it doesn’t end there. The company has also toured nationwide with a range of artists as well as managed tours on behalf of other promoters and clients. Our speciality 'Stadium Sized' concerts.

Concert Promoters - Major Event Management - Entertainment Marketing & PR Consultants - Venue Consultants - Producers

Capital C: Concerts was a 2007 Gold Awards Finalist for Business in NZ.

Our Innovative Team Now Work All Around the Pac-Rim.
Only The Best Will Do!

About Concerts:

Elton John - Wellington (2015) (Attend 32,000)
Elton John - Dunedin (2011) (Attend 35,500)
Elton John - New Plymouth (2007) (Attend 16,500)
Elton John - Auckland (2008) (Attend 10,500)
Elton John - Wellington (2006) (Attend 32,000)
Rock2Wgtn: (2008) (Attend: 27,000 + 30,000)
Sol3Mio - Pearl - The 2Cellos - Katie Thompson
- Ozzy Osbourne
- Alice Cooper
- Whitesnake
- Poison - Lordi
Bon Jovi (Christchurch) January 2008 (Attend 31,000)
The Moody Blues Tour (2005) (Attend15,000)
Little River Band / Creedence Clearwater Revisited (Wellington) 
Vienna Boys Choir Concert
NZ Guitar Festival and Awards
Afro Celt Sound System Concert (Marketing and Production)
Ivan Rebroff in Concert
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in Concert.
Tribute to the Carpenters Concert
Herman’s Hermits Concert
WOMAD Concerts
The Searchers Concert
The Ten Tenors Tour
Leo Sayer Marketing
Ben Morrison: NGC Wellington Sinfonia
Pot Pourri: A Night on Broadway
Arielle Vernede Concert
*Rolling Stones Concert
*Andy Stewart Tour
*Rod Stewart Concert
*David Bowie Concert
*Demis Roussos


*The Bolshoi Ballet
Dear Liar Production
Royal Variety Concert (Prince Charles and Princess Diana)
*Barbara Windsor Tour
Dave Allen Concerts
TV2 LAUGH! Convoy Tour 2003
Peter Powers: Outrageously Naughty Hypno Tour 2003
Peter Powers: Naughty Naughty Hypno Show (Wgtn)
TV2 LAUGH! Convoy 2002

About Major Events and Sports:

Go Dutch Festival 1997 - The Great Charity Clog Race
The Princess Diana Dresses Exhibition
The Anne Frank Exhibition
City of Lights Project
Bloom 2000
The Millennium Fax Promotion
February Fiesta
Spring Break 2002 - Historic Places Trust: Register Web Launch
Kerridge Odeon Corporation / Madison Corporation - Entertainment Management
Winner Auckland Boat Show - Maxim Marine Distribution - 
Tokyo Boat Show
Pakatoa Island - Marketing
100 Years of All Black Rugby - Video production
Camera House - Marketing
Spaceworld Electronic Game Centres - Development
Brunswick International Bowling Equipment Sales and Distribution
(UK, NZ, Aust, PacRim)
Odeon Lower Hutt Shopping and Entertainment Complex (Management and Marketing)
246 Shopping Complex Marketing
Opening Turners Auctions Seaview
ITNZ Sales and Marketing Conference (TagWars)
ITG Sales and Marketing Conference (Top Gun)
ITNZ Sales and Marketing Conference (Salesbusters)
Snow TV Studio - Marketing
Fun Factor Launch
ITNZ Sales and Marketing Conference (Rocky)
Lord of the Rings – Logistics Star Accommodation
Forsyth Barr Stadium – Consultants
Worlds Big Sleep Out - Management (2019)

Movie Premieres :

*Close Encounters: Promotion/Marketing Award
*Movie Premieres (over 100 NZ Major Premieres 1976-1989)
*Cinema Openings (Complexes Regents: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch)


500cc World Super Bike Series
World Offshore Power Boat Championship (NZ)
KO Bowling Centres: Design, Development, Operation, Marketing
Danish Gym Team Tour
X-cess International Paintball Tournament
The Hurricanes at Courtenay Central
The Clash - Sports Carnival
Lords and Ladies of the Ring: Pro-Am Boxing
The Rink: Ice Skating Event


Capital C: Concerts specially recorded tribute filmed live in November 2016 when Sir Elton John graciously honoured the great Rugby Legend.

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